Fab pricing

The old way of pricing software in the power industry is... well, let's just say it's not particularly clear.

We don't think the old way is a good way.

So, we started afresh. With fab pricing.

Simple, straightforward and transparent.

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Each fab comes in three flavours: starter, ultimate and extreme.

fab starter

For occasional users

  • complete access to the fab's live and historical probabilistic forecasts, via the fab gui

fab ultimate

For power users

  • all of fab starter

  • full api access to live and historical predictions

  • fab tools for the fab

fab extreme

For full customisation and control

  • all of fab ultimate

  • augment the fab with your own customised/proprietary data

  • develop and deploy your own AI forecasting models for a fully customised fab forecast

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Each fab & flavour combo has an annual license fee*


* you can also choose to pay quarterly for 20% more

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That's it. There is no 3.