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Impala driving a 25% reduction in Nordic imbalances

Impala Imbalance is on its way to being a critical part of the future Nordic power system - for more look no further than the new joint Nordic TSO report The Way Forward - Solutions for a Changing Nordic Power System. As they say:

"...One of the more promising developments is the emergence of data and analytics tools that can be use

d to find, manage and analyze data from operational technology, for business purposes..."

"...The Impala project ... is an example where the combination of artificial intelligence and big data is used to forecast imbalances, which allows market participants to optimize their business..."

"Impala ... can forecast the imbalances in real-time with the help of artificial intelligence and large quantities of data, making it easier to proactively handle future imbalances. The imbalances are foreseen to be reduced by 25 per cent and will hence reduce the frequency deviations significantly..."

We couldn't put it better ourselves, really.


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