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IMPALA Balance awarded the Smart Grid Centre's Innovation Price for 2020

We are pleased and humbled to be awarded the Smart Grid Centre's Innovation Prize for 2020. Impala helps keep our power system operating smoothly by delivering real-time forecasts of upcoming grid imbalance (that is, differences between supply and demand), and proposing reserve activation decisions to grid operators. Impala was developed together with Statnett and Svenska kraftnät, and is currently being rolled out for the Norwegian and Swedish HVAC power grids.

We've put together a short film to give you a better idea about what Impala does and how it works - check it out.

At the core of Impala are advanced AI algorithms that process incoming data on the power system, and use these to provide forecasts of upcoming imbalances. The AI algorithms are trained on and use over 500 data series, including registered utility production plans, weather data, river flows, and market results. This illustrates a big advantage of AI - the ability to consistently process large volumes of information beyond what a human operator can comprehend, and to continually learn, change and react to changes in the power system itself. Once the predictions are made, Impala uses optimisation technologies to propose activation decisions for power plants held in reserve in order to help maintain system balance and power quality.

Achieving a sustainable, interactive power system is going to be critical for a liveable planet for us and our children. Technology like Impala is essential in order to achieve this goal, and we are really happy that Impala has been recognised in this way. All of us at Optimeering are proud of our Impala project team, and would also like to thank Statnett, SvK, NTNU and Forskningsrådet who were with us all the way on the Impala journey.

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