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Power markets are getting


You have the power ops team needed to thrive as a producer, trader or consumer of power. We help them work their magic with intelligent software solutions for same-day operations and markets.

Save time. Avoid risk. Optimise resources.

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Powered Intelligence
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Fabulous forecasts.
Actionable intelligence.
Better decisions.

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fab.apps actionable forecasts for the capacity and energy markets help you to make better, more informed operational decisions. 
fab.apps predictive AI is your GPS for same-day power markets, delivering rich, detailed forecasts and insights.
Our AI technology is built on years of advanced R&D sponsored by many of the key names in today's power industry and the Norwegian Research Council. 
Projects like Impala, the award-winning system for predicting price area imbalances for Statnett and SvK, which will form the basis of Nordic automatic reserve activation. 

Like Project Hawk, where we investigated advanced machine learning methodologies for market surveillance together with NVE.

And most recently Geni, researching generative AI for operational scheduling and valuation of hydro storage assets together with Lyse and Statnett.

Deep and proven



Dynamic and experienced


Optimeering team

Making useful AI in the power sector requires more than just throwing data at some algorithms and seeing what sticks. It needs a combination of deep power sector know-how, AI expertise and brilliant development skills.


With over 50 years combined experience building and implementing algorithms, AI and analytics for the power industry, we've got a uniquely well-seasoned team that generates more than a little bit of magic. 

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