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Power markets are getting


You have the power ops team needed to thrive as a producer, trader or consumer of power. We help them work their magic with artificially intelligent forecasting and automation software solutions for same-day operations and markets.

Save time. Avoid risk. Optimise resources.

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Powered Intelligence
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We wrote the book
on reserve markets

The best way to understand something, is to build it. From the ground up. Since 2018 we have designed, built and implemented the FCR, aFRR and mFRR Nordic reserve market clearing algorithms for the four Nordic TSOs.
Together with Statnett, we built Impala, the award-winning system for predicting price area imbalances, forming the basis of Nordic automatic reserve activation. 

Together with NVE, we have developed advanced machine learning for market surveillance in Project Hawk.

Together, these advances underpin the AI used in our forecasting and decision systems.

Deep and proven



Our customers and partners

are among the best in the business.

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Actionable intelligence.
Automated decisions.
Maximum value.

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fab.autopilot's decision AI automates and optimises your physical market trading and operations in real-time.
fab.apps predictive AI is your GPS for the reserve and intraday physical markets, delivering rich, detailed forecasts and insights.

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