We are on a mission.

To make electricity simply work better by harnessing the power of AI.

We build smart applications to make your physical power market operations more effective and profitable

Lightweight AI forecasting apps for predicting everything that drives your physical operations. Fab apps deliver detailed probabilistic forecasts - painting a full picture of what can happen. Each fab is fully customisable, so you can easily create value from your own proprietary forecasts.

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We deliver robust, fast and proven clearing engines for complex traded markets - whether internal, b2b or public. Our technology is being used and implemented today in Nordic reserve capacity markets worth over 100 million Euros annually.


Advanced AI algorithms are the foundation of all our solutions, and our R&D program is the foundation of our algorithms. Current R&D projects are focused on operational valuation and bidding, physical market surveillance and advanced forecasting, and are supported by key industry names as well as the Research Council of Norway and Regional Research Funds.

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Launching fab:rk nordic

Forecasting the Nordic Reservekraft market

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Gain control of your nordic rk market exposure

Realtime forecasting of dominant direction and potential price levels and likelihoods, to ensure your intra-day trading and imbalance mitigation decisions achieve maximum benefit and minimum cost. 



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Real-time, on-demand forecasting of power markets, ex-post and future tariffs, production and demand​




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